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Charlotte Brignall

Lou Lou has made me many hangers for my own daughter as well as as presents for friends. They are beautifully hand drawn and a real hit amongst everyone I’ve given them too. A truly original and special present.

Rose F

We received some of these hangers as a gift for our daughter, they were too pretty to be hidden away in a cupboard so we have hung hooks specially to have them on display 

Nicola R-B

Such a beautiful and unique little business. Gorgeous gifts for newborn babies or friend's/godchildren's birthdays. I love all of the different designs for the hangers, something to suit every child (or adult!) and everyone I have given them to have really loved them too. Really brighten up any wardrobe, although I like to hang mine where people can see them as they bring so much joy to our nursery. Thank you for being so accommodating of my random requests too Lou Lou, you are one very talented lady!


You are my go to for presents for new babies. It's one of those gifts you are unlikely to be given by anyone else and they last for the whole of childhood and then remain as a treasured keepsake. Keep those wonderful designs coming.

Isabella VN

I have just received the most beautiful hangers from you as a present for both me and my husband. I love the bumble bees and he loves his lurchers! So special and they look so pretty in our cupboard! What a wonderful present and idea, thank you.

S Parker

Love from Lupin is a unique and bespoke brand. Every recipient has adored them. The high quality and hand drawn finish will never disappoint, coupled with outstanding value for money for the quality of the product. Highly recommend. 
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